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Welcome to Dick's Page!
As created by Phred

Ah, well, there isn't really much happening right now, but I just felt like doing something rather pointless and time consuming. And, well, this is time-consuming. But, not totally pointless. It is helping me brush up on my HTML publishing, which I haven't done in a very long time. I am not a very good typist, so this is actually rather hard for me to do. I haven't done any of these meta tags or site tags in an extrememly long time. But, hey, that's okay. Anyway, now, I'll be quiet, and find something else to do.

Dick works at:

That wonderful place of learning

I don't even know what color the background will turn out to be. I mean, wow, it's been like forever since I last did this kind of stuff. Gotta go, bye-bye!

Dick's favorite WebSite: WITC
Dick's other favorite WebSite, that of his favorite student!

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