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Our Trip to the 1998 Midwest Renewable Energy Fair
In Amherst, Wisconsin

This outlines our trip to the 1998 MREF. Beware, this site contains many graphics, and may take awhile to load. The Fair began this year on June 19th, a Friday, and ended on Sunday the 21st. There were tons of exhibitors, workshops to attend, and lots of food. Hope you made it! Anyway, these pictures don't even begin to explain how the Fair was. Hope you make it next year.

This is the model home (or, the roof of it) showing the extensive solar array, and the tracking panels
Here we are in Duluth, MN, before leaving for the Fair... the truck pulled our camper while the car pulled a great deal of our stock.
Here is our homemade electric moped (for info, e-mail us) in front of the mighty Ram Charger.
This is the main drag at the Energy Fair... We are on the left, right next to Home Power.
Here is our booth, where we spent the Fair talking to tons of people about various projects and was fun!

Well, that pretty much shows our trip to the Energy Fair, except I personally don't think that words can describe the whole experience. If you have questions about when the Fair is, or where it is, then E-mail us...........
A. Durst for LSRE