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Backup Power


The ancient gasoline generator -- Yes, some say that it has no place in an RE system, but we believe that it does have its place in the world of clean energy as a backup. In the best of systems there will there will be sunless/windless times and your batteries will be low and need to be charged. Gasoline (propane) is (in the words of Mr. Spock) "Crude but Effective". We have the most effective Government Surplus Generators for sale. They are described in this WebSite.

Three (3) KiloWatt 28 VDC GenSets

(This is arranged in outline format)
I. Engine (3 kW)

 A) Four cylinder OHV diametrically opposed (pancake) engine, continuous duty, air-cooled, 6 horsepower (very conservatively rated) made by Wisconsin Engine, Chrysler Corp., or Continental in the USA. This engine is a very smooth runner.

 B) Completely Shielded Ignition System with aircraft quality spark plugs and double-coil twin magnetos.

 C) Onboard fuel pump, fuel tank and valve to accept fuel from another source.

 D) Spin-on (or cartridge) automotive-style fuel filter.

 E) Paper element air filter with restriction gauge.

 F) Preheated air intake air transfer gate.

 G) Twin external mufflers, one for each cylinder bank. With flanges for easy extension of pipes.

 H) Effective rope-starting system.

II. Electric Starting

 We have a limited amount of 24-volt electric starters for the generators.

III. Generator-Regulator

 A) The generator is a three-phase rectified, brushless, forced air, fan-cooled alternator made by the Onan Corporation in the USA.

 B) The rectifier diodes and heat sinks are built directly into the alternator shroud and are also fan-cooled.

 C) The alternator drive shaft is coupled directly to the engine shaft.

 D) Solid-state voltage regulator, mounted in a steel box above the alternator.

Interested in why you should use a Surplus GenSet instead of a Commercially Available Unit?
Then click Here.

While we feel that generators are a necessary part of any RE system, we do not feel that they should be used as a stand-alone type arrangement. The wear and tear on the engine is too great, and also too expensive in terms of maintenance and gasoline.

Author: A. Durst
E-Mail: Lake Superior Renewable Energy
Date: June 12th, 1998

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